Advices Of Great Scientists: Elon Musk, Yung Tae Kim & Hakeem Oluseyi

Elon Musk

Some of Elon Musk’s famous ideas include space exploration and fast electric cars. Elon, the founder of SpaceX, made it so items and people can go to space a lower cost. He contracts with NASA while managing the company at the same time. Along with SpaceX, Elon created the Tesla, an all-electric car with an environmentally friendly sports car build.

Elon attended the University of Pennsylvania- Wharton School. He not only went for business education but also went for physics. Elon stated that although he loves business, he had always had a love for physics. Elon later relocated to California to get a PhD in Applied Physics at the University of Stanford.Elon states that you should stay motivated toward what you want to achieve. Elon thinks that pursuing a career in the thing that interests you is important. He says to own your work and stand behind it. Instead of settling and working for a company in the field you want to be in, create your own comp. or business. Be your own boss and strive to succeed.

Yung Tae Kim

Yung Tae Kim is a traveling physics professor who has changed the ways of preaching physics. Yung has taught for years and believes that certain ways of teaching physics isn’t how it should be done. He believes this is one today's issues with education. Yung decided to take a different angle of approach and had his students partner up and solve physics problems together. He overlooks the process and while doing so can give feedback to his students right there and then. Yung is also more well known for helping create a gaming franchise with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games; he was a consultant and controls engineer. He brought the physics of skating tricks to the game which helped it and the controls run smoothly.

To start, Yung does have a PhD in Physics though he was interested in math earlier in his life and throughout high school. He was into skateboarding from an early age. Yung’s introduction to physics, was stated to be pure luck. During his college days, he was studying math while taking an honors physics class. With eight kids in his class, Yung received one on one help that led him to fall in love with physics. After that class, Yung changed majors to Physics and graduated with a bachelors.

Yung’s first word of advice is not to get caught up on grades, however, to focus on the topic and materials you should be learning about. He also states that traditional career paths are obsolete; careers in technology are increasing tremendously. Yung’s final word of advice is “Knowledge isn’t like a cheeseburger” in a nutshell, he means that you can collaborate knowledge and never lose that, unlike a cheeseburger.

Hakeem Oluseyi

Hakeem has accomplished an immense amount of practices and ideas in science. Hakeem is a professor at th Florida Institute of Technology and preaches the word of physics through his TED talks which can be found on YouTube. He’s also visited schools in Africa to teach physics. Additionally, from teaching, Hakeem has a great interest in the stars. He’s helped research in several astronomy projects. Some of which include the noble prize-winning project, Supernova Cosmology in 2011. He’s also helped in Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).

Hakeem also holds 4 E.U. patents and 8 U.S. patents, mainly in computer chips like the ones found in your cell phone. Hakeem’s resume consists of him in high school; working on computers and programming. After winning a science fair and being influenced to become a physicist, he ignored the idea and joined the Navy. After returning, he decided to attend college to pursue a Physics degree at Tougaloo College. Upon completion, Hakeem completed 1 degree in math and 3 in physics. Hakeem has a couple of suggestion for current students.

Starting off with building a structured academic foundation. He had a hard time at the beginning of college since he had to catch up with the missed work from high school that everyone else received. Hakeem believes in a an equal starting point for students so they all have the same opportunities later on down the road in life. Another piece of advice is to find and talk to your role-models and advisors.

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  2. My Weight: 165 pounds =11.8 stones =74.8kg (Measured on scale)
  3. Cummins ISB5.9 Power: 250 whp =186e³ watts =186 kw (industry standard)
  4. Radio Station: B104 (WAEB-FM) Top 40Frequency: 1.041e⁸ Hz =1041e² kHz =104.1 MHz =0.1041 GHz(
  5. Cruising speed of an A-10 warthog: 420 mph =676 kph =188 mps =365 kn(
  6. Cell Phone Battery: 3.85 V =3850 mV =3.85e⁻³ kV(
  7. U.S. Energy consumption per capita (2014): 12,987 kWh= 12,987e³ Wh= 77922e⁴ Wm =46753e⁶ Ws =46753e⁶ J(
03 December 2019
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