Jobs That Use Trigonometry As A Vital Piece Of Their Professions

There are many jobs that use trigonometry in them, but four specific ones are math teaching, police detectives, blueprint writer, aka architect, and air traffic controller. These jobs all use trigonometry as a vital piece of their job, all for different reasons, but with similar methods. Without math, and specifically trigonometry, people in these professions would do a poor job at their jobs compared to other people in their fields.

Police detectives use trigonometry because when they are reviewing a crime scene, you can judge the speed a car was going by measuring the skid marks visible on the road, and comparing that with the speed limit of the road. Trigonometry is useful in this situation because without it, many crucial details of crime scenes involving cars would be harder to solve, because that is one of the only ways to determine the speed of a car involved in a hit and run after the fact. Using trigonometry correctly is important to insure that the correct charges are placed, and person is accused. If improper math is used, it can be difficult to verify the integrity of the claims made by the victim, because the chances of someone knowing the exact speed or distance travelled of the vehicle are very slim.

Another job that uses trigonometry is a high school or college math teacher. They use trigonometry to teach other students about it, and to make tests and homework assignments. Trigonometry is an entire class, and without teachers who know trigonometry, those classes would go untouched, because it's impossible to teach on something you don't know. Math teachers, especially ones teaching higher levels of math, need to know trigonometry because they are likely to use it everyday in their teaching and making assignments. Also, teachers have to know the material to grade assignments, which is why many long term subs struggle at grading assignments unless they know the material.

The third job that uses trigonometry a lot is an architect. They use trigonometry in their blueprints because it is important to know if the structure is going to be stable, as well as even able to be a structure that is functional. Because many buildings are unique it is nearly impossible to confirm if it will be stable and the supports compatible with each other without using trigonometry to verify that. Most architects are often designing new building designs, and are using trigonometry as well as other math on the daily. It is important that buildings are made correctly and safe, because if they are not it can lose a safety hazard for the people inside if something were to happen due to poor design.

Finally, the last job that uses (or has technology that uses) trigonometry is an air traffic controller. This job uses it to determine the distance between airplanes, the speed they are going at, and what a safe distance between them is. Because of the possibility of human error, this is an important job that insures the safety of hundreds of lives. Even though the air traffic controllers aren't doing the math themselves, they are using technology that does. Air traffic controllers almost are always using trigonometry because there are a lot of planes they are in charge of keeping safe.

In conclusion, four jobs that use trigonometry as a vital piece of their professions are math teachers, police detectives, air traffic controllers, and architects or blueprint designers. Without trigonometry, people in these professions would be less successful, because they would be unable to fully do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

03 December 2019
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