The Biography Of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, a social networking site. In this modern era, Facebook is one of the easiest and effective ways to communicate with the people and share the things in the social media. We have different kinds of social media like Instagram twitter, LinkedIn . Facebook is one of the most common social media used by the people living in different corners of the world to share the news, messages, events, and learning the different concepts of the objects.

Mark Zuckerbergwas born on May 1984, in White Plains, New York in the well- educated family. He was interested in computers at an early age. He started writing software in the middle school learning Atari basic programming. He invented his first messaging program called Zucknet. This program is basically used to communicate within the house. He developed the computer game with his friends. It was claimed that Mark Zuckerberg can read and wrote in Latin, French, Hebrew, English, and Greek.

He enrolled atHarvard University. He was the sophomore student. He built a program called course match and has done so many things in the university which made him extraordinary from other students.Mark Zuckerberg developed course match with the help of course match, students can take their classes based on the other users. Mark Zuckerberg has developed many programs but the main one is the Facebook which changed his identity in the world. He launched social media called Facebook from his dormitory room on February 4, 2004.

His social media expanded worldwide and expanded rapidly beyond college students hitting one billion users by 2012. He is one of the youngest billionaires on the planet. Facebook is increasing the users 1 billion monthly active users.He created facebook it was famous among college studentsbecause such social media was a fun app for college student users only. It started publicly among the people it became one of the best communication online today. He is a young enterprise and has built the world of Facebook. He had learned many lessons from his life being young entrepreneur.

Mark Zuckerberg believed to be successful in any field we should have patience, ambition and hard dedications toward the work. Facebook has its advantages and disadvantages both. For examples let's talk about its positiveadvantages. Facebook is not only the media to communicate only it is the one the complete package of the media for doing everything. If we want to know news we can do that if we like to launch any things in media we can just post it.

Mark Zuckerberg had made Facebook more powerful and effective by adding so many apps in it. We can play so many games in it, send money from one contact to another contact, raise funraiser, post jobs, sell stuff through Facebook. It has negative impact on us too.It increase crime day by day. People are stealing data from the users and hacking the account creating fake account on somebody else names, blackmailing the people from social media. I saw the most of the young teenegers using Facebook in bad way making viral video and posting bad about things about friends.

In my personal understanding Mark Zuckerberg contributions in the computing is best and effective as he made Facebook best social media in the world . He has made many data security system for the users so that no one can steal personal information from the users. He is still working on data security system so that every users information is secured safely. I feel Facebook is not only for communication source but also it is the media where we can publish and promote business, create event and invitepeople through it.

As compare to previous days we need to print invitation card for invitation and mail to particular locations but only Facebook is playing that role so that we do not need to print and delivered. It just small post plays the role of invitation for events. In context of news, we can post any local and main news in facebook. Before we need to rely on news channel to publish any local news around our surrounding but now our app can easily publish our even small news all over the world.

03 December 2019
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