Why People Should Learn From Their Mistakes

Human beings, are unique between each other, but share common features and mistakes that are repeated all over human history. Many times, it is difficult for humans to accept all the differences that there are among them, for example in 1948 in South Africa, it started the period of apartheid that made laws that forced black people to live separately from white people, as black people weren’t accepted and considered inferior from others. All of the hatred that human beings accumulate is a consequence of fight and war, for instance the two biggest wars of all times in human history WW1 and WW2, that have involved the whole world and led to total destruction.

We humans often try to get what we want, for this reason people destroy to conquer everything they desire, this was shown also by the very famous Napoleone Bonaparte and his famous wars in which he did to conquer different countries, for example much of the continental Europe. Many times, all of this wrong behaviour of humans, makes other humans feel threatened and this generally creates fear into people. Fear is a deeply wired emotion and reaction that the human body has, and that leads to negative consequences, in fact fifteen years after the 9/11 attacks, American people still now days every anniversary feel fear and anger, increasing also the anxiety and the concern of new possible attacks. However, there is also a positive and good part in all humans, for this reason some of them are respectful to each other, for instance in 1996 was established the foundation for human rights(FHR) that still now, works to support the civil society and to protect the human rights. One of the most important emotion for the human being, which is the opposite of hate, is love. Humans love, because love is the only way to peace, for this reason during history many peace treaties have been created, like the treaty of Versailles, that is one of the most important peace treaties because it brought to the end of world war 1.

In conclusion, humans live in a world where negative and positive things are done, however more years will pass and the the human mind will evolve, and by evolving it will start to learn much more from the mistakes made in the past and will try to avoid them to be able to build a better future.

03 December 2019
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