Proposal Essays Examples

When you are told to compose a proposal essay for college, it means that you should come up with an idea or something that you would like to discuss or research. Of course, the talk here is not about a wedding proposal since it would take a slightly different structure and a list of objectives. A typical proposal argument example would be a suggestion to plant the milkweed to save the monarch butterfly species. Likewise, you may talk about using cloud services to help the middle school children access guest lectures by the famous authors or specialists who would be able to share their knowledge. The most important is to explain why your proposal is relevant and why it would work under certain conditions. ...

Proposal Essay Structure

If you have not seen any proposal essay examples before, we suggest taking a closer look at the list of what we provide for you and pay attention to how each author approaches the structure. Here is what you must include:

– An introduction with a brief explanation of what you would like to suggest.
– The problem or an issue through the lens of academic importance.
– A socio-cultural factor (if relevant).
– Your methodology and information regarding why you think it will work.
– The literature review that you have done.
– The paragraph about the necessary resources.
– Possible limitations paragraph.
– A brief conclusion with the most important information.


– You have to make it clear by explaining what you would like to propose (research and suggest)

Why is your proposal important and how can it help others?

You explain the problem through the lens of impotance by focusing either on the cultural points or the general significance for the scientific community.

Why the problem that I am discussing is important and what cultural role it plays for the world or a group of people?

You provide a methodology with a list of helpful suggestions. These must be justified by examples (if possible).

Explain why your research method and the chosen variables are most helpful for the situation and/or the problem.

You include a literature review and talk about the sources you have consulted to come up with your proposal.

Provide citations and talk about the justification for the choice of the books and resources you’ve mentioned.

You talk about what kind of resources you have to access and what you need to conduct a successful research.

Share your concerns in this paragraph.

You also talk about the limitations that you have already faced and what you anticipate to see.

Discuss why your research might not cover some bits based on your current resources and the possible limitations that are typical for the field.

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